The course of my journey might be similar to your own. Rather than climbing a single ladder upwards to reach success, I achieved great heights and satisfaction by moving from one rung to the next, as if in a huge jungle gym. The variety of experiences I had strengthened and empowered me as they demonstrated again and again how important my thoughts and intentions were for building a meaningful and prosperous life. I realized that no matter how hard I worked, if I did not master my own thinking, the results of all my hard work would be subject to the ever changing effects of social conditioning.

She has over 20 years of experience providing counseling to individuals and families. People are drawn to talk with Rebecca because her sincerity, tenderness and attentiveness allow people to feel heard and safe.

Rebecca coaches by using her professional training and personal experiences as reference points. She is about living the dreams she has for herself, incorporating the tools that she teaches. She also has experienced the positive impact and power of working with a gifted coaches who were able to observe, ask the right questions, and teach her new ideas.


Why Joyful Path

I understand the desires and the accompanying struggles that arise when you are daring to live a life bigger than you have ever known.

And I help you to identify and claim the dreams you have, as we explore new ideas, tools and techniques together. I observe our experience together with compassion and respect asking questions to encourage you to listen to and follow your own joyful path.


Life Mastery Consultant
Spiritual Counselor Practitioner
Conflict Resolutions & How to Deal with Difficult People
Active Listening and Effective Communication
Drug Intervention & Suicide Prevention
Minority Business Development & Women in Business Leadership Skills

My Jungle Gym Experience

My background is eclectic as I have many interests. The common denominator through them all is my dedication to support individuals in trusting their internal guidance when they are called from within to live their lives in more expansive ways. There is no greater delight than watching someone discover themselves and life to be more wonderful than they ever considered possible. The joy that exudes from them is palpable, and the impact it has in their relationships, business activity, health, financial wealth and spirituality is life altering.
Here are some of the rungs I have climbed since receiving my BA in Geography and Sociology from Bowling Green University:

  • Life Mastery Consultant & Dream Builder Coach

  • Construction – First and only female foreman for the company and on jobsites. First female OSHA Inspector for the Commonwealth of Virginia Safety Consultant

  • Music - Professional Singer/Performer

  • Retail - Inside Sales Management

  • Health Certification -
    • EMT - Commonwealth of Virginia
    • First Aid/CPR

  • Spiritual Counseling - International Centers for Spiritual Living

  • Youth Minister - Various Communities

  • Educator -
    • K-12
    • Reading
    • ESOL

  • Red Cross - Local Chapter: Chair for Disaster Services

  • Corporate -
    • Inside Sales
    • Administrative Work