What is Coaching?

Just like professional athletes have coaches throughout their careers, many people are realizing the benefit of having a coach to reach their greatest potential. Life coaching mirrors principles in athletic coaching such as “performing at our best, setting and reaching goals, being a team player, visioning, challenging beliefs that limit performance, coping with pressure and stress, and maintaining focus” (Rogers, 2004, p. 16).

There are all types of coaches and they serve different purposes and needs. They also use different methods, tools and techniques to assist their clients. Because of this variance, it is important that you interview a potential coach to determine if their purpose, and the methods they use will best support you and what you desire to achieve.

Transformational Life Coach

A Transformational Life Coach (TLC) is a person who guides people like you along the journey of personal change. Each of us has a unique purpose for being, and there comes a time in life when we are ready to live it more fully, even if we’re not quite sure what we want or how to create it.
What you don’t realize is that you are already moving in the direction of your dreams. You are growing, that’s why you are feeling the uncomfortable pinch of living with beliefs that don’t work for you anymore. You are experiencing the nudge of your internal desire to live a greater, fuller, more expansive life. Curious if Life Coaching is right for you? Here’s a blog that might offer some help - Here.