Whether it's a short 10-minute talk, a 'Lunch & Learn' training, or a motivating keynote speech; your group or organization will be ignited by this content, and they will “THANK YOU” for bringing this material to them.
I can give you an overview of how my programs can impact and make a difference for your group from simple keynote speeches to the very powerful Vision Workshop where I deliver a half-day training for your organization, bringing together your management team and top performers.

Keynote Speaker

Group Facilitator

Lunch & Learn

Breakout Session


Corporate Training

Some of the Talks Offered:

  • Empowering Yourself and Others to Succeed -

    (30 – 45 minutes)
    Great for networking groups where people are defining their goals, building relationships and fostering success through shared support and referrals. This is interactive and includes small group activity

  • Turning Challenges into Success Opportunities -

    (30 – 45 minutes)
    Using “The Ant” song, as a humorous backdrop, we explore how to move beyond challenging situations to successfully achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. This is interactive and includes didactic group activity.

  • Live Your Dreams -

    (20 – 45 minutes)
    Using stories of three famous people we explore what it is to live our dreams. This is includes audience participation – geared towards graduating high school students and college students

  • The Experiment -

    (30 minutes)
    Inspirational - A code for living, this famous quote from Henry David Thoreau's essay, "Walden" is about advancing in the direction of your dreams as you decide for your vision, trust the process, and align your thoughts and actions to experience success.

  • What a Wonderful World…The Gift of Gratitude -

    (15-30 minutes)
    It’s a new year, a perfect time to start fresh. But, who says there’s only one way or one time of year for a new beginning? We do not have wait for the ‘right’ time to start making positive changes in our lives. We can start right where we using a simple tool called gratitude. Depending on length, this can be a straight presentation on the power of gratitude or can be interactive.

  • Where the Rivers Meet - a Community is Served -

    Staff building - Great for building connections between departments and staff who are not used to communicating – we explore the value of, and how to achieve greater interaction between various departments or groups (30-60 minutes)